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Latest happening in Ukraine

Good morning to our readers in Nigeria,UK and Europe. If you’re just joining us, here’s a round-up of what’s happened in the last few hours as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues into its fourth day:

  • Despite warnings last night that Kyiv would come under attack from Russian missiles, an aerial blitz does not seem to have happened
  • Explosions were however heard near the city and an oil depot in Vasylkiv to the south of the capital was hit and set ablaze, according to the local mayor. The fire prompted fears of toxic fumes and residents were warned to close their windows and stay indoors
  • The southern city of Nova Kakhovka has been taken over by Russian troops, the city’s mayor said this morning
  • Meanwhile, Russian vehicles have entered Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv, say Ukrainian officials. A loud explosion was also heard earlier in the city, where a gas pipeline is said to have been hit
  • Residential areas in Kharkiv were also attacked, according to emergency services. A woman was reportedly killed and dozens were evacuated from a nine-story building.
  • At least six civilian deaths were also reported in the town of Okhtyrka, north-eastern Ukraine, according to the region’s mayor
  • In the last hour the BBC’s Ukrainian Service reported new accounts of blasts in Kharkiv and Kherson in the south-east
  • In a move to punish Russia, the EU, US and their allies will be cutting off a number of Russian banks from the main international payment system, Swift. They will also freeze Russia’s central bank’s assets.
  • Australia became the latest country to announce it will fund the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine to help it fight Russia. The move comes after Germany decided on Saturday to supply weapons to Ukraine, representing a major policy shift
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