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Barrister Obuna – Isi-Uzo LGA has lots of seasoned politicians, technocrats to lead the state

In my last publication titled “The Principles and Practice of Democratic Meritocracy in Enugu State Nigeria, I stated thus:

 The present-day practice of democracy in Enugu State started in 1999 about 23 years ago when Senator Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, was elected the Executive Governor of the State.

The then young Governor went into a voyage of discovery of talented men and women with great potentials in every nook and cranny of the State and kept them under tutelage with respect to State Craftsmanship.

This crop of experienced political elites later metamorphosed into what may be called EBEANO POLITICAL BUREAU STANDING COMMITTEE in Enugu State of Nigeria.

It is the strong belief and resolve of the Ebeano Political Bureau Standing Committee that Enugu State must succeed that necessitated their entrenchment of “ROTATIONAL TRIANGULAR EQUILIBRIUM in the political landscape of the State.

ROTATIONAL TRIANGULAR EQUILIBRIUM simply means “turn by turn” government which entails equitable sharing of key government positions amongst the three senatorial components of the State” – the East, the West and the North.

 It is correct to say that what has been established in the political landscape of the state under this convention or gentleman’s agreement include the following:

 Rotational fairness, rotational equity, rotational equality,

rotational justice.

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 I strongly believe in and cherish this type of gentleman’s agreement or understanding because:

 It has eliminated friction and mutual suspicion amongst the three senatorial zones as the issue of where the next Governor will come from or which senatorial zone occupies which key position is already pre- determined.

 It gives every senatorial zone the opportunity to contribute in the development of the State.

It makes every senatorial zone to have a genuine sense of belonging.

It has killed the issue of marginalization in the State which is the bane of the problems of Nigeria as a country.

It created the enabling environment for grass root and even development of every parts of the State.

It gives any senatorial zone whose turn it is to produce the next governor the opportunity to (in consultation with the leader of the EBEANO POLITICAL BUREAU STANDING COMMITTEE) select the best among its top elites to stand in for the next general election.

Selection + Election = Democratic Meritocracy.

 It promotes peaceful co-existence and mutual respect for every zone as no senatorial zone is taken for granted.

It enhances orderliness in the State.

The State has made significant achievements politically and economically in many ways which cannot be overemphasized. Some of these achievements as a result of this unique political convention and understanding or agreement among the political elites for about 23 years now are as follows:

Grassroots distribution of dividends of democracy in terms of massive infrastructural development as well as human capacity building.

Enugu State is rated the best economy in the South East. The fifth best economy in Nigeria despite the fact that it is not an oil producing state – National Bureau of Statistics 2020.

iii. The extent and quality of popular participation in government is very high and quite commendable.

 Responsible and responsive governance. It is people oriented, respects and responds to public opinion and demands.

The Government in the State has been able to carry along and incorporate social groups, the students, the youths, the women, the physically challenged etc.

Apart from holding numerous key positions by women, the present Deputy Governor is of the female gender.

  The organization of power of government in the State is in a way that the principles of separation of power is really maintained with check and balances which has ensured a harmonious relationship among the three arms of government. 

vii. Easy access to justice through the judiciary by creating many more judicial divisions equipped with digital facilities.

viii. Rights of the citizens are recognized and effectively protected.

 The agricultural policy and achievement is one of the best in the country.

 Political party autonomy and harmonious relation is guaranteed in the State. Members of the opposition parties are equally given the opportunity to serve in government.

The most peaceful State in Nigeria is Enugu State. The Governor His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, noted for his diplomatic approach to politics has been conferred with the best peaceful Governor in Nigeria award on 27th January, 2022.

From the foregoing last publication as highlighted above, Democratic Meritocracy can be defined as a system of Government whereby seasoned politicians, technocrats and bureaucrats are periodically selected and elected or appointed into sensitive positions in accordance with the principles of popular participation and egalitarianism.

It can also be described as a rotational government based on principles of equity and justice which promotes even development, mutual respect and trust amongst the three senatorial zones in Enugu State.

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 If there is no principle, there is no true value/standard, and there is nothing we can depend upon in the political landscape of Enugu State. In the best societies and organizations, natural law and principles govern – that is the Constitution which even the top people must bow to the principle. No one is above the law or laid down principles in politics. No one is above the laid down principles that the governorship candidacy and other sensitive positions must be rotating periodically amongst the East, West and North Senatorial Zones.

The law/principle is a no respecter of persons and therefore laid down principles should neither be altered, reversed, changed or abolished because of the selfish and inordinate ambition of person or persons. Political principles which ensure equity and justice are indispensable because nothing stands in politics if there are no genuine principles.

According to Mahatma Gandhi there are seven deadly social sins in the world which we must try to avoid in Enugu State especially the seventh one. They are as follows:

Wealth without work

Pleasure without conscience

Knowledge without character.

Business without morality

Science without humanity

Religion without Sacrifice

Politics without principles.

Politics without principles emerged during the 20th century in one of Gandhi’s weekly newspaper publications which has been a striking description of what occurred sometime in the past and is recently reoccurring in developed and developing countries including Nigeria. Playing politics without principles or without truth(s) to justify what dictates the action creates chaos, which ultimately leads to violence.

These are missteps called “Passive Violence” which fuels the active crime, rebellion and war. We could work till dooms day to achieve peace and get nowhere as long as we create, promote or ignore passive violence in Enugu State.

 An unjust law or principle is itself a specie of violence. We must eschew all forms of hanky-panky, treachery, chicanery, crookedness, undue influence, abracadabra, victimization, intimidation, thuggery, butchery and all manners of dangerous gimmicks and subterfuge.

A just law and principle is a specie of peace and tranquility which everyone is working towards achieving in Enugu State. We must abide by the already existing rotational order and equilibrium amongst the East, West and North which started in 1999 in order to avoid political and economic implosion of Enugu State.

No senatorial zone in Enugu State is superior or inferior to the other.

No senatorial zone has superman/demigod politician and the others with subhuman/Lilliputian politician(s).

No senatorial zone will be allowed to shortchange, outsmart or outmaneuver the other in the already established governorship rotation order for any reason whatsoever.

Progressive political development in Enugu State has overgrown very crude, decisive and retrogressive clannish slogan like ‘NdiAgbaja, Ndi Udi, NdiNsukka, Ndi GreaterAwgu, NdiNkanu Core and Ndi Nkanu Periphery’ which leads us to nowhere.

Before someone resorts to whipping up clannish sentiments using or relying on equity and justice, such a person must distinguish the difference between macro level of equity and micro level of equity and justice in Enugu State.

Macro Level/unit of equity and justice obtains at State level where the three senatorial zones (East, West or North) are concerned with whose turn is it to produce the next governor? With respect, it is the turn of the East to produce the next governor in 2023.

Micro level/unit of equity and justice obtains at every senatorial zone where priorities and considerations are placed on federal constituencies and local governments with respect other sensitive elective and appointive posts including the governorship candidacy when is the turn of the zone to do so. This means that anyone making a sentimental clannish case for Ndi Greater Awgu based on equity and justice should start that from 2030 to 2031 when EnuguEast Senatorial zone must have completed her own turn ceteris paribus.

From 1999 to 2007, the East produced the Governor.

From 2007 to 2015, the West produced the Governor.

From 2015 till date (to 2023), the North produced the Governor.

From 2023 to (2031) the East is expected to produce the next Governor following the already existing order and good governance which has not only weakened the opposition parties but have rendered them impotent, unproductive and unattractive.

 If we have agreed that it is the turn of the East to produce the next Governor in 2023, we also have to x-ray what has happened in the East with respect to elective and appointive position since 1999 in order to justify and determine which Federal constituencies or Local government is most marginalized and much more favoured by the “balance of convenience of Equity, equality, fairness, and justice” to produce the next Governor in 2023.

Let us study table one below:


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1999 – 2007  

  Governor, Deputy Governor, Senator, Minister, Ambassador Speaker, SSG, Chief of Staff, VC, Federal Permanent Secretary.

Federal Constituency I                        

Enugu East LGA                        

Isi-Uzo LGA Kingsley Ebenyi              

Federal Constituency II                        

Enugu North LGA Dubem Onyia                  

Enugu South LGA Jim Nwobodo, Ken Nnamani                  

Federal Constituency III                        

Nkau East LGA Peter Mba        

Nkanu West LGA Chimaroke Nnamani Frank Nweke Junior Onyemauche Nnamani, Frank Nweke Junior Sir. Chinyeaka Oha    

2007 – 2015

 Federal Constituency I                  

Enugu East LGA Gil Nnaji                  

Isi-Uzo LGA                       

Federal Constituency II                        

Enugu North LGA                        

Enugu South LGA                        

Federal Constituency III                        

Nkau East LGA Sunday Onyebuchi, Ralph Nwoye Prof. Barth Nnaji                

NkanuWestLGA ChimarokeNnamani Ifeoma Nwobodo        

2015 – TILL DATE (2023)

Federal Constituency I Edward Ubosi Prof. Anike    

Enugu East LGA                      

Isi-Uzo LGA                      

Federal Constituency II                      

Enugu North LGA                      

Enugu South LGA                      

Federal Constituency III                      

Nkau East LGA Dr. Aja        

NkanuWest LGA ChimarokeNnamani                

From the above, we can make the following factual deductions in table II below.

Table II

Federal Constituency I

Enugu East LGA

Chief Gil Nnaji (Senator 2011 – 2019)

Prof, Anike (Past V.C. ESUT)

iii. Hon, Edward Ubosi (Speaker 2015 till date).

Isi-Uzo LGA

Dr. Kingsley Ebenyi (Ambassador 2007 – 2011)

Federal Constituency II

Enugu South LGA

Jim Nwobodo (senator 1999 – 2003)

Chief Ken Nnamani (Senate President 2003 – 2007)

Enugu North LGA

Amb. Dubem, Onyia (Minister 2003 – 2015).

Both Enugu South and Enugu North Local Government Areas have each produced past governors’ in the persons of Dr. Jim Nwobodo, Late Chief C. C. Onoh, respectively during the old Anambra State. Both LGA are far more developed than others in Enugu East Senatorial Zone.

 Federal Constituency III

Nkanu East

Prof. Barth Nnaji (Minister)

Sunday Onyebuchi (Deputy Governor)

iii. Pastor Ralph Nwoye (Deputy Governor)

Peter Mba (Chief of Staff)

Dr. Gabriel Ajah(SSG, 2015 – 2019).

Nkanu West

Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani (Governor 1999 – 2007)

Barr.Onyemauche Nnamani (SSG)

iii. Frank Nweke Jnr. (Chief of Staff)

FrankNweke Jnr. Minister)

Dr. ChimarokeNnamani (Senator 2007 – 2011)

Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani (Senator 2019 till date)

vii, Mrs. Ifeoma Nwobodo (Chief of Staff 2007 -2015).

viii. Sir, Chinyeaka Oha (Federal Permanent Secretary)

 Due to the fact that no federal constituency or local government area is superior or inferior to each other, we have to do elimination series. It will start first with the Federal Constituency III, which comprises of Nkanu West and Nkanu East. This is because balance of convenience of equity and justice is far away from both Nkanu East and Nkanu West and do not favour them in the sense that:

One of its components (Nkanu West) has occupied almost all the key elective and appointive posts including the office of the Chief Executive.

One of its components (Nkanu East) has equally benefited immensely in holding up 5 sensitive and appointive positions from 1999 to date.

The next Federal constituency which comprises of Enugu South and Enugu North Local Government Area is also far away from the balance of convenience of equity and justice. This is because:

 Both (as a unit) have benefited much in holding key or major elective and appointive positions from 1999 till date.

Both (separately) have much produced Governors at different times in the Old Anambra State.

 Both are politically and economically much more advanced than others is the senatorial zone.

We have now to look at the Federal Constituency (1) which is made up of Enugu East Local Government Area and Isi-Uzo.

 Any objective observer who looks at the tables above will be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the balance of convenience of equity, equality, fairness and justice is strongly in favour of this Federal Constituency to produce the next Governor especially Isi-Uzo Local Government Area which has suffered apartheid policy and has been kept in political oblivion for the past 23 years with respect to sensitive elective and appointive posts/offices. (Ka Isi UzoJee).

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 It will, therefore, be manifestly unreasonable, counterproductive, unethical and politically immoral to deny this Federal Constituency her bright chance especially Isi-Uzo Local Government Area to produce the next Governor of the State in 2023 (Ka Isi UzoJee).

 We already have established order, well entrenched gentleman’s agreement, convention and political principle which has been practiced from 1999 and need to be respected by the East, West and North Senatorial Zones.

 Even though the arrangement may have its faults, short comings or imperfections we must strive to continue with it as it will greatly improve and attain perfection in future.

 What we have relied upon is Equity in Enugu State since 1999 and equity is based on reasonableness, fairness and natural justice. We now have to apply some of the doctrines or maxims of equity in this case mutatis mutandis to see how equity is in favour of Isi Uzo local government:

Equity aids the vigilant. There is already high level awakening, awareness, consultations and vigilance in Isi-UzoLocal Government Area which is geared towards ensuring that one of her own emerges as the Governor in 2023.

Delay may defeat their equity in the sense that they must not tarry in the quest to actualize this dream. Isi Uzo local government area must increase the tempo in that regards.

He who goes to equity must come with clean hands. In the case of Isi-Uzo Local Government, she is a clean slate or a tabula rasa with respect to elective and appointive posts and is therefore the most favoured to produce the next Governor in 2023.

Where equities are equal, the first in time or the most marginalized shall prevail. Isi-Uzo being the most marginalized in elective and appointive posts since 1999 should be considered and prioritized before others and be allowed to produce the next Governor in 2023.

All who seek equity must do equity. Every Senatorial zone in the State, East, West and North are seeking, equity, equality, fairness and justice and therefore, must do equity now that the balance of convenience of equity is in favour of Isi Uzo local government area.

Equity is equality.Isi Uzo LGA also has been treated as an unequal partaker or partner since 1999 against this doctrine of equity and that being the case needs to produce the next Governor of the State.

Isi-Uzo has a lot of seasoned politicians, technocrats and bureaucrats who are qualified, capable and ready to lead the State if given the opportunity to do so. They include the following person.

 Hon. Chief Augustine Nnamani – A political scientist who started from a very humble background. He has been a council member in the Isi-Uzo Legislative Assembly representing Neke Ward II. He was also an administrator of Amanyi Development Centre before becoming the Mayor of Isi-Uzo LGA for two terms.

 He is currently the State Party Chairman of the PDP who has been able to handle the party affairs so well that he is fondly called 17 over 17 (the PDP has no rival in any elective offices in the State). He is humility, honesty and resourcefulness personified. He is experienced and very skillful in politics and has what it takes to become the Governor of Enugu State.

Hon. Barrister Chijioke Edeoga.  He is also an experienced politician who has gone places. He was once the Mayor of Isi-Uzo Local Government Area.

A onetime member of the House of Representatives, representing Enugu East LGA and Isi-Uzo Local Government Area in the lower house at Abuja.

 He was also a onetime adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, on National Assembly matters. He is currently the Honourable Commissioner for Environment and Solid Minerals. He is capable and able to deliver if given the opportunity to become the governor of Enugu State.

Amb. Dr. Kingsley Ebenyi. A Veterinary Doctor by profession who went into politics and carved a name for himself. He had been a member of the Enugu State House of Assembly, during the Administration of Dr. ChimarokeNnamani when he helped greatly in harmonious working relationship between the Executive arm of the Government and the Legislative arm.

 He has been the Nigerian ambassador to Spain in the past. He can deliver if given the opportunity to serve.

There are several others very much qualified, who are experienced bureaucrats, political scientists, lawyers, doctors, engineers, professors, and it could be anyone from Isi Uzo Local Government Area who shall emerge as the next governor of Enugu State based on Balance of Convenience Equity and Justice (Ka Isi UzoJee).

  Onochiengwu Obuna, a lawyer, wrote from Enugu



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