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Association tasks Government on containing insecurity -By -Reginald Okoro

The Association of General Studies for Colleges of Agriculture and Allied Institutions in Nigeria (AGSCAAIN), has called on Federal Government to adopt a holistic approach to address security challenges in the country. The association made the call in a communiqué issued at the end of its two-day First National Conference held recently at the Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu in Ivo local government area of Ebonyi.

The document was jointly signed by Dr Anyim Anyim, Chairman, Local Organising Committee,, Dr Eluwa Akubuike , chairman, Communique Committee, Dr Daniel Akindele Secretary, Communique Committee and Mr Ebenezer Adeyemo as member. The communique was made available to newsmen today in Abakaliki.

The conference with the theme, ‘Human Development and Insecurity in Nigeria: The Nexus’ urged the fedderal government to focus attention on development of the human capital as panacea to curbing the lingering insecurity in Nigeria. The conference also attributed problem of insecurity to leadership failure which which according to participants has bred youth unemployment and restiveness across the nation.

Prof. Emma Chukwuemeka of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in a lead paper presentation titled: “Human Capacity Building and Insecurity in Nigeria: The Nexus” argued that heightening insecurity in Nigeria was due to leadership deficit. Chukwuemeka, Professor of Public Administration and Development Studies, noted that the attendant consequences of leadership failure was unemployment which has bred army of idle youths that were easily used as willing tool for crimes. He further identified brain-drain and farmers-herders conflict as causes of insecurity in Nigeria which he said had brought about food insecurity.

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The university don listed critical steps to ameliorate the present insecurity situation in country. He said: “The government should embark on an aggressive human capacity building while legislative incentives should be granted to youths who are interested in running private businesses. “There should be reduction of inequality through revolutionary development programmes which should be predicated on equity; justice, fair play, rule of law and upholding human rights principles.”. He called for the creation of grazing reserves dedicated to grazing routes in order to solve the issue of encroachment on farmlands that often lead to farmers-herders clashes.

Meanwhile, Prof. Godwin Emezue, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics), Abia State University, Uturu in a keynote address said that there was a connection between human development and security. Emezue in a speech titled, “Human Development and Insecurity in Nigeria: The Nexus” described human being as any individual who possessed quality of civilized character and the capability of being humane and the willingness to extend benevolence to others.

The professor of English also defined insecurity as a condition of being prone to danger connoting fear, anxiety, and lack of defence. He listed Kidnapping; banditry, ritual killings, terrorism and other forms of insecurity as consequences of hopelessness and helplessness inherent among the people of Nigeria as a result poor human development and leadership deficits. He opined that the connection between human development and insecurity was complex, yet could be addressed by being humane, fair, compassionate, just and caring.The conference urged governments at all levels to do more in addressing the intractable security challenges confronting the country.

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Participants at the two-day First National Conference of Association of General Studies for Colleges of Agriculture and Allied Institutions in Nigeria (AGSCAAIN) held at the Federal College of Agriculture Ishiagu (FCAI) in Ivo LGA of Ebonyi

The association in a an eight-point resolution at the end of the conference noted that proper human development from pre-school, school and post-school stages should be a major concern of government in addressing challenges of insecurity. “There is the need for fundamental structural transformation of the Nigerian nation and that government should henceforth build the capacity of the citizens to reduce idle minds. “That government should create an enabling environment for private businesses to thrive in Nigeria. This will include granting incentives to the private sector and private business owners.”Nigeria should be restructured along a mutually agreed arrangement that allows every component to take charge of the security of lives and property of citizens through a decentralised policing while FG takes care of defending our territorial integrity.

“There is need for reduction of scarcity and inequality through revolutionary development programme which should be predicated on equity, justice, fair play, rule of law and upholding human rights principles.”Wealth should be de-emphasised as a basis for social status and be replaced by the level of creative production of goods, services and ideas.”There is need for government to demonstrate commitment in human development, because, when the human person is well developed, he is bound to be humane; fair, compassionate, just and caring.”



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