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Prof Bart Nnaji wants Enugu to develop rapidly like Singapore, preaches peace

Prof. Nnaji:

 The Professor Bart Nnaji Campaign, has called on all individuals and political parties preparing to contest in the 2023 general elections to borrow a leaf from Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, of Enugu , and eschew politics of bitterness and hatred, saying the atmosphere of peace in the last seven years in the state accounts for the remarkable progress which the state is witnessing.

 “Enugu State can imitate fast developing nations and territories like Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia as well as Dubai only when there is sustained peace”, the Campaign said today in a statement in Enugu quoting its principal, Professor Nnaji, a former Minister of Power and a globally recognized engineering authority, as stating. 

The statement signed by Hon Ejike Ani, former chairman, Nkanu East Local Government Area, and deputy chairman of Prof Bart Nnaji Campaign, called on political parties and their members to continue with the tradition of peace, saying this has become imperative in view of an incipient wave of bitter politics which some people in Enugu State have been displaying in recent days.

According to the statement, “a tiny group of politicians has been sponsoring violent articles on the social media against leading Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members participating in the gubernatorial primary election of May 21.

“Worse, the same elements have been sponsoring thugs to destroy Professor Nnaji’s billboards which adorn the streets of Enugu State. The billboards attacked in the last 24 hours include the ones at the famous Okpara Square in Independence Layout, Enugu.

“ PDP governorship aspirants should see themselves as members of one family, all the more so since almost all of them are from the same senatorial zone. They should provide leadership by personal example and demonstrate to all Nigerians that politics does not have to be a matter of do or die.

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“No politicians should be allowed to bring back memories of the violent politics of the past which led to many killings and destructions, resulting in massive investment flight from Enugu State. Investment everywhere in the world is a coward, and goes to only places where it does not feel threatened.

“Our state is in dire need of investments, so that our people, especially the youth, will be given employment and business opportunities. The ongoing agitation in the Southeast and other parts of the country is informed essentially by a profound lack of opportunities for the young ones.

 “The Professor Bart Nnaji Campaign requests all PDP gubernatorial aspirants and, indeed, all those seeking public office in the forthcoming general elections to lay out their visions of development to the people. Our people seek a new direction which will dramatically raise their living standards.

 “On a personal level, Prof Nnaji is both inspired and challenged by the Singapore example. Singapore, which is so small that it looks like a dot on the world map, has no mineral deposits, and yet it became within less than 30 years a global development miracle.

Professor Nnaji is convinced that Enugu State can make it, too. If Dubai, a Muslim and Arab territory, can arrest global attention with its dizzy development, nothing prevents Enugu State, capital of not just the Southeast but also Eastern Nigeria, from rising rapidly.

God bless Enugu State.”



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