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Hon. Nwabueze Ugwu, PDP leading governorship aspirant unveils manifesto, pledges to make Enugu Eastern Nigeria melting pot – From Ijeoma Eke-Ojim

Ahead of the upcoming Primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party,PDP for governorship aspirants slated for May 23, 2022, a leading contestant  Hon. Nwabueze Ugwu, has taken his ambition to the elite Enugu Sports Club on the Club’s invitation.

Hon Ugwu who is an Enugu-based practising lawyer and member Emeritus, Enugu State House of Assembly, used the auspiciously occasion to unveil a17-point agenda encapsulated in a document christened ‘Manifesto For A Greater Enugu.’ to the distinguished members of the Club, as well as the general public.

It was indeed a night of serious encounter as he unveiled his Manifesto and received pledges of support and encouraged even as he fielded questions from the audience.

He promised to reenact the economic growth miracle of the Dr. Michael Okpara era in the erstwhile Eastern Region through an admixture of agricultural and industrial revolution incorporating technology and innovation that would frog leap the state “from the present level of underdevelopment to an industrialized state.”

The Akegbe Ugwu-born lawyer and politician promised to bring his vast exposure to politics and public service as well as his garnered experience as a legislative front bencher to bear in his quest to transform the state to a greater status.

“A Latin maxim has it that  nemo dat quod non habet – you cannot  afford to give what you don’t have. I have had very wide exposure to public service and government from within as a participant,and from without as a social commentator

“I have served in the legislature,not just as a lawmaker, but as a member of that hallowed first branch of government.The legislature is the epicentre,  pivot, hubris, the engine room ,and the citizens true representative in a democracy.

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“With its oversight functions, the legislature ensures checks and balances in a democracy so that the elected office holder does not transform to a despot;and by extension ensures that the judiciary has applicable laws to adjudicate on,” said the frontline gubernatorial aspirant.

Hon. Nwabueze Ugwu: Time to unveil manifesto

He listed and xrayed the 17-point agenda of his Manifesto ‘For A Greater Enugu’  under the following thematic areas;

 Agricultural Revolution, Minerals and Industrials,Education, Manpower and Technical Development,Urban, Rural and Regional Development,Security, Works and Infrastructure, Revenue Generation, Health Care Delivery and South Economic Agenda.

Other areas included Tourism,Commerce and Industry,Power Generation, Water Supply,Youth Development, Employment Opportunities and Women Affairs.

Pledging his strong commitment and patriotic zeal in delivering the  goods,he solicited  the peoples support and mandate.

“To achieve all these, I beseech you to give me your mandate. The power  in the mandate I seek  is the one to do good to all manner of persons living in Enugu state through proper and accountable use of our Commonwealth and goodwill to achieve common good,with zero tolerance for graft and official corruption…

Hon Nwabueze Ugwu (Ikpemalueziokwu)_

 “I grew up with and have become ingrained with the idea and moral direction of due process.  I know no other option. It is heart warming many on both sides of the divide can attest to this…Once again, I know no other way of doing things except leaving my foot prints on the sands of time.

“Most importantly, I have burning passion and patriotic zeal to advance our state to one of the fastest growing and buoyant economies globally. With your support,I will have no other option than to deliver the goods because Enugu deserves the Best,” Hon Ugwu gleefully submitted.

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He enjoined the people of the state to partner him in advancing the state.

” I equally enjoin and greet all true lovers of Enugu to partner us in this resolve to redeem our state and launch it on a pedestal of advancement. To my dear political associates and colleagues who share this mutual vision of enthroning a better Enugu state of our dreams,I raise my hands of camaderie in welcoming you on board.

“I bring good tidings to the workforce of Enugu state as well as  the civil society and entire organized labour.   I salute you.Aluta continua,victoria acerta.

“To the people of Enugu state, and by this I mean all lovers of our Coal City and indeed every person living in Enugu,our glorious tomorrow reminiscent of the former Eastern Nigeria is here..Together,we will excel because Enugu deserves the best” he declared amidst a thunderous standing ovation.

Responding to questions from the audience, he explained that he was not just restating what has been said before now by past seekers of office, but was stating well thought-out and researched programme which he had painstakingly articulated in the past ten years and which  he hopes to achieve to the letter a public -private partnership that would be driven by his government.

He also reassured the audience of his resolve of revitalizing ailing and abandoned industries but to optimally industrialize the state using PPP option.

He disclosed that problem of water supply in the state was hinged on security of equipment and reticulation and pledged to address same within the first six months of his government.

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On the lofty scope of his manifesto and the prospect of realizing it, Hon Ugwu said that he would empanel expert discussion on all various thematic areas under discuss with a view to putting in extra efforts geared at achieving all.”Those who know me know that in my office,I work hard.I am a lawyer and I work extra hours.When I become the governor,,I will definitely work harder in order to achieve my objectives in double quick time.

“I have a duty onto myself to leave a legacy and make a name for my self so that many decades after I have left office,Ndi Enugu would be wishing to have me back.”

Earlier, the President of the Club had welcomed Hon Ugwu effusively recalling that Governor Soludo had similarly visited the Club prior to his election and had interfaced with members of the Club.

He wished him well in his pursuit even as he extended membership of the Club him,giving him the membership form and a souvenir.

Present at the event included the Club Chairman, Barr John Mary Nwosu, his Vice, Club Secretary, Media Secretary, ex officio members,other members including two former SSGs,Onyemuche Nnamani, and Clement Okwor, Prince Emeka Onyenso,,Barr Ndukwo Ogbuja, among others.  .



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