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Ekweremadu’s alleged trafficking for organ harvest: It’s wrong to rejoice over others misfortune – By Sam Nwanze

What baffles me as a journalist of over 30 years experience is how many Nigerians, including educated, not well educated, stark illiterates etc, jumped into conclusion in matters that require all side accounts from all those concerned.

While we can’t do much on those who post whatever they fancy on the social media, perhaps out of mischief, hatred or anger arising from the current situation in the country (Ekweremadu may be regarded by some people as part of those who caused the problem), which has made the social media ‘home’ to many idle minds, this can’t be the same for professionals on conventional media and other discerning individuals.

When Ekweremadu/wife’s arrest and detention on alleged trafficking of a minor for organ harvest broke out few days ago, many people feasted on the matter; condemning, abusing and degrading Ekweremadu and his wife without getting to know their own version, or waiting to hear the root of the matter. Even some discussants on TV or Radio programmes threw caution to the winds, expressing opinions that could go for libel, without care.

The release by the U.K police was clear: allegations. Ekweremadu and his wife’s statement which was a denial without going into the real issue are there also especially, as reported by the U.K Mail Newspapers including their lawyer’s responses which suggests it may turn out a far cry from many people’s reaction.

Reports or discussions on the issue at this stage to my mind, should have been cautious, based on those statements pending when the matter is ripped bare at the next hearing. But instead, a lot of people including their Igbo brothers and sisters went outright to condemn them without hearing their defence.

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It is like many people have been waiting for an opportunity to crucify Ekweremadu for whatever reason; political, economic, social etc. But we shouldn’t rejoice on other peoples misfortune.

This is an issue that has to do with his child sickness although it doesn’t mean he should look for a solution in an illegal or inhuman way.

As more facts begin to emerge, for example, the letter Ekweremadu wrote to the British High Commission in Nigeria supporting the visa application for the said trafficked which states clearly the purpose of the trip, the young man’s passport which states his real age to be 21, said to correspond with the age in his NIN and bank account, that he has been in U.K since February this year and was due to return back this May, more so as his kidney didn’t match that of the receiver, his alleged decision to report to the police to avert the home journey even after he had been booked on a flight back home etc.

However, these revelations can only count when these supposed facts, are presented to the court and accepted as evidence/exhibits. Further investigations may even result to the case being dropped if the young man’s statement is found to be false or aimed at getting undeserved asylum in the U.K.

Senior legal minds and all those who are abreast with the offences they are charged for, agree that if it is proved that the young man is not 15 years as he claimed to the metro police but 21 as in his passport and other documents that may be presented later, Ekweremadu and his wife will have no case to answer. But if on the contrary, they’re in for a serious matter.

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So, Nigerians, those who love or hate Ekweremadus have to wait for a while for the verdict to come.

Sam Nwanze, public affairs analyst, wrote from Abuja.



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