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I support Wike in his Anti Atiku politics – Ray Morphy

First let me state that I know Wike personally and I think he is a great guy. Everyone who knows Wike can attest to his loyalty to friends and his loyalty to principles. If Wike takes a position, only a superior argument will make him budge.
Wike fights for his friends, he fights for his people and he fights for his principles. If Wike is on your side in a fight, BE SURE YOU HAVE A FORMIDABLE ALLY, if on the other hand, he is against you, biko, begin dey shake o!
Many don’t know that Amaechi would never have gained the court victory that made him governor of Rivers without Wike as his main man. But, that’s a story for another day.

Atiku had joined ranks with APC to send off Jonathan on the then argument that zoning remained inviolable. He argued that Jonathan should not be allowed to take the turn of the North. Now that a northerner has done two terms, it is clearly the turn of the south.

On what basis can Atiku justify his quest to take power? Why should he help cripple PDP only to come back, scheme with Ayu and wrestle PDP ticket from those who kept the party alive when Atiku was in APC. Particularly, at this time when equity demands that the ticket go southwards?.

In 2007, Dr Peter Odili, was denied ticket merely because it was the turn of the north, so Obasanjo came up with Yaradua. Without that sentiment, Peter Odili was the sure horse but, rotation between north and south prevailed.

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So, why should Atiku come now and win when in PDP, it is clearly the turn of the south? Let it be clear that every politically astute southerner and middle belter supports Wike, even those who are with Atiku in the day time.
When the chips are down, everybody who believes in Nigeria, in equity and in justice is pro Wike, and Peter Obi will be the beneficiary of the injury that Atiku has done to PDP.

When that time comes and Wike lends support to Labour, blame Atiku.



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