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Every idea and plan of action emanating therefrom comes to life through governance just as sociocultural advancement of a people and their community rises and falls on leadership.

It goes without saying that our dear Abia State is in a precarious condition for obvious reasons and requires an utterly sincere and committed hands-on approach to immediately commence the retrieval of Abia State from those who have successfully engaged in state capture of Abia and restore our state on a true path of multi-sectoral development.

To fast track the restoration of Abia State, my administration will be peopled by eminent and suitably qualified professionals from diverse backgrounds who will work in consonance as a rescue team with myself as captain and providing the direction to attain a strong base for the immediate and long term goals of our state. Those we will have onboard will be optimally fit for the designations they will handle and will work assiduously to discharge assigned responsibilities.

We will be introducing an efficient corporate governance system where issues of state will no longer be handled with levity but with dispatch and urgency with time treated as a high value commodity. This is what is obtainable in developed countries and even in well managed economic entities and because Abia State must have the best at all times and must be put first in all considerations and decisions, we will ensure that only the best in category are brought on board to help propel my vision for Abia State thus birthing the new experience all Abians have been expecting for over twenty four years.

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In driving the governance paradigm of a resurgent Abia State, we will implement the cardinal features of the World Bank’s identified good governance metrics which entails accountability, participation, predictability and transparency. These features will position our state as a beautiful bride and cynosure to institutional investors, venture capitalists and retail investors who would pour their massive trove of equity into Abia State. This will in turn lead our state into a quantum leap in investments that would boost the economy of Abia State and confer assured benefits to our people.

I am sincerely committed to vigorously changing the narrative in Abia State. To further signpost my vision for a resurgent Abia, we shall introduce e-government to aid the processes of governance in Abia, offer incremental information access to the people, bridge the chasm betweem the people and their elected leaders thus effectively instituting participatory governance within Abia State.

 We shall leverage on information and communication technology to derive it’s benefits in the business of governing Abia State. Records, tax, tolls and payment systems, the civil service, parastatals and state ministries, judiciary, state legislature, the local government system, pensions and other areas will experience the new e-government outlook which will boost our governance systems and confer on us the accrued benefits of a modern society.

Indeed everything rises and falls on leadership. By the grace of God and the will of our people, when elected into office as the next Governor of Abia State, we will be ready to provide the right kind of leadership and governance which would birth the new Abia that will meet the hopes and aspirations of Ndi Abia.”

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Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, is Abia State APC Gubernatorial Candidate 2023



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