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As it concerns education, we are aware of Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah’s effusive contributions to support the advancement of education across tertiary, secondary and primary levels. An Uche Ogah led administration will situate education front and centre in the work plan of his government and this experience will unleash multiplier effects within the Abia society and the economy of Nigeria.

Upon ascending onto the seat of power in Abia State, Dr. Ogah is ready to cause a massive upscale in the position of Abia State University, Uturu, in universities ranking system both in Nigeria and abroad. In his personal capacity, he has made endowments and contributions in improving the physical infrastructure of ABSU. We have it on record that as a result of his personal belief in the power of education to positively alter the minds and destinies of generations, Dr. Ogah is poised to revolutionize the fortunes of all state-owned tertiary institutions in Abia State beginning with ABSU, Abia Poly and others while also offering support to other categories.

Indeed, an Uche Ogah led administration in Abia State will ensure tertiary institutions in the state do not loose accreditation of all their approved courses of study, provide a convivial environment suitable for higher education teaching, learning and operational research while also remaining proactive towards staff remuneration and welfare. In this era of advanced technology, Dr. Uche Ogah is ready, willing and able to ensure tertiary institutions in Abia State meet up with global standards in the deployment of technological interventions in pursuit of knowledge while also positioning our tertiary institutions to attract foreign students and lecturers which will in turn contribute in raising foreign exchange for Abia State.

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Secondary level education in Abia State is about to witness the peculiar influence and effect of Dr. Ogah. This level of education is pertinent as it bridges the gap between elementary education and tertiary education hence there’s a crucial need to strengthen secondary education in line with global best practices of instituting STEAM education to properly channel our young minds towards contributing solutions to challenges within Abia State and our country, Nigeria.

The STEAM education model will ensure Abia State contributes young futuristic solution providers in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics not only to the state and the nation at large but we will begin to export our youths’ skills onto the world’s stage. Indeed a revamped secondary education which Dr. Ogah will bring to bear in Abia State will confer requisite knowledge on Abians of secondary school age children to enable them become efficient and proficient in desired fields before onward transition to tertiary education levels.

The primary level of education is vital as it conditions the minds of Abia’s toddlers and kids to immense possibilities available to them in the new world. This level of education will witness revamped classroom and school environments in schools owned by the state in order to institutionalize inspiration in the minds of Abia’s young so they can dream and develop subconscious belief in their ability to achieve greatness from their childhood.

Deliberate policies will be designed and implemented to ensure that primary education in Abia State becomes a reference point throughout the country as to what can be achieved in ensuring a functional primary education for children.

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In the education sector of Abia State, Dr. Ogah will instigate a responsible and responsive regime that will equip all levels of state-owned educational institutions in the state to global best practices, offer competitive remuneration to staff members in its employ, implement well designed policies in education and ensure that the educational system in Abia State becomes a reference point while drawing acclaim from regulatory bodies.

Vote Dr. Uchecchukwu Sampson Ogah for Governor, Abia State, 2023.

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