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“Frank will give us accessible, honest, compassionate govt,” Abakpa traders speak as APGA’s Nweke visits market

APGA guber candidates acknowledges cheers from traders

Traders and shoppers at Abakpa market in Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu state,  received a surge of hope on Thursday as Frank Nweke Jr, the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the State arrived Abakpa market on a campaign market tour.

Moving from street to street in the large market, Nweke interacted with residents, stopping to address the crowds at intervals.

He charged the people to rise up in line with the words of his popular jingle (Kunie) and take back the state from the “poor performing People’s Democratic Party (PDP)”

He highlighted the advantages of APGA as the party of the people, founded by great Igbo leaders such as Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu on the principle of Shared Prosperity.

Nweke interacts with commercial bus operators

He said:  “For us in APGA, it is about our collective progress. We have had 24 years of the PDP with no water to show for it. Insecurity is at an all-time high. Workers and pensioners do not get paid. It is time to make a change to a leadership that will focus on the people and your well-being. That is what APGA is offering to you.”

Reacting to Nweke’s visit to the market, Chinedu Odika, said that the APGA flag bearer is remarkably humane.

“Frank Nweke is a gentleman, I have seen him. From my assessments, and now looking at him, you know that he is credible and he has the potential. He is up and doing, honestly. I believe that he will remove all these problems that we are having in Enugu State.

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“Other parties have failed. They bring a broom and use it to make Enugu dirty. They bring the umbrella, and it is not even good. The APGA cock sounds the alarm telling us it is morning that we should wake up. That is a sign that Frank Nweke is the man that will wake Enugu State up.” Chinedu stated.

Candidate Nweke moves from stall to stall

Expressing delight at seeing Nweke in person at the market, Madam Nnenna Onyewu, a fish seller, challenged him to provide an honest government that will keep its word to the people. 

“We don’t need the government that gives us N200 or N1000 only to be kept under the sun telling us you will come by 12 o’clock. We come out abandoning our business to wait for you till 6 o’clock and you have not yet arrived. We will be hungry and the ones who depend on us will be hungry.

“We want good governance this time around that will serve your children and also serve our children. Build a good thing for us. Give us security in this State. There is too much hunger. We don’t see anything good coming out of the government of the day. Please be upright and honest in governing us,” she pleaded.

Patrick Onyia, a shopper, said he appreciated his accessibility and was glad to have come into the market at the same time as Nweke did.

Candidate Nweke in another section of the market

“The person contesting for Enugu State governorship seat under APGA, entered Abakpa market. I saw him live and I like him. He seems like a person that will remember the poor, the way I see him. We have suffered. My support and vote are for him,” he said.

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The APGA market tours have been ongoing as a way for Nweke to engage with residents directly in their own turf, listen to their challenges, and assure them of his commitment to visionary leadership and good governance.



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