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INTERVIEW: ‘I’m going to the Anambra State House of Assembly to serve the interests of my people’ – Ezenwa

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), candidate for Aguata 1 State Constituency, Barrister Ernest Okechukwu Ezenwa, in this exclusive interview with Chukwudi Ejimofor bears his mind  on the reason for aspiring to represent his people in the Anambra State House of Assembly, as well as  his perceptions about leadership in Nigeria.


 May we know you sir?

My name is Ernest Okechukwu Ezenwa Esq. Onwa Ezennabude, I am the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Aguata 1 constituency for the Anambra State House of Assembly in the 2023 general election. I offer myself to serve my people and humanity.

What exactly is your mission by going to the legistlative chambers to represent your people?

Am going there because I know what law- making entails; am going there because I know what the relationship between the executive, the judiciary and the legislators is supposed to be, am going there because I know what the work of a legislator is, because am a lawyer. Lawyers are more conversant with law making. And I have public service orientation. I know what my people wants. I know the type of bills when proposed and passed into law will impact positively on the generality of my people; be they physically challenged, civil servants, business people, farmers, traders.

We understand you are not alone in this race. There are APC, YPP, APGA and LP candidates in the same race with you.   Why do you think that you are the best among the candidates?

In every race there must be a winner, but the prayers has always been for the best to emerge, and I am the best.   I’m going to emerge as the Legislator representing the good people of Aguata 1 constituency come March 11th 2023. Yes, others are qualified to contest and sit in that chamber, but the issue is how effective they are going to be. When you read through our score cards; me as lawyer, businessman, entrepreneur, farmer, teacher, I have wide experience on what to do when I get there. George Owel in Animal Farm said all animals are equal, but some are more equal that others. I ‘m that animal that is more equal than others in this context, because of my orientation in life. I am someone that is desirous to serve humanity. It gives me joy when I put smiles on the faces of people who are pained and sad.

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In  your constituency; looking at how it’s been represented by others previously, do you think that they represented your constituency well, if not what are the changes you expect to effect?

I can not say that the previous law maker in my constituency failed entirely, but their performance was below expectations, at most some of them were average, but I am going to be above average. I know what and how to attract dividend of democracy, I know how to attract thing to my constituency, even outside government circle. Some of those contesting for this post are saying when I go there I will bring constituency projects. They are not going to occupy executive position. The question is; apart from constituency projects what can I do? I will attract investor, Business people within my constituency to return home, because whatsoever problem they have with government I make sure I smoothen it. Assuming they are looking for location to sight their industries or whatever. It is my duty to approach the government of my state to solve that problem, which will improve the economic life of my constituency. I will relate with foreign donor agencies, and anybody who knows how to apply and process foreign aids should be part of it. I will engage my people into large cooperative societies and attract benefits from federal agencies (like Bank of Agriculture, Bank of Industry) and from the state government, because cooperative societies are one organ that government use to empower her citizens. Those are few of the innovative am going to introduced to my people. And above, all am going to available to my people.

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 What are those services you had  earlier  rendered to your people which you think that will motivate them to vote for you in the coming election?

Within my immediate community, Achina, I have rendered services to them in different capacities. I have been the chairman of my town Union in Lagos where I served for  two tenures. I have been the secretary of the same town union. In the village, I do a lot of community service; road maintenance, scholarship scheme, assistance to widows, free medical care. These are not the functions of a law maker. These are not what I am going to the House of Assembly to do. Am saying it because if we don’t have these milk of human kindness flowing in us, we cannot serve humanity. If I could do those things on my own, when elected into government I should expand it to the six towns and nine political wards in my constituency. I will propose bills that when passed into law will relate with the government to attract the necessary amenities for my people.

Lastly sir, what type of persons  will  you advise Nigerians to vote for in the election; are you one of them?.

I advice that Nigerians should look up to the candidates with intergrity, knowledge, good track records, honest, and I think am one of them. I am not a saint, but when you scale me, I will be above average. Election in Nigeria these days we need vote for individuals not necessarily party lines, whosever is standing for election, the first thing voters should do is to assess his or her track records, look at his or her yesterday, what does he do for a living, is he a fraudster, is he or she a criminal, what is he doing today, then you can predict what he will do tomorrow when voted into power. When you elect a fraudster into government position, you are giving him access to public treasury and the electorate wouldn’t have any right to complain any more. In the last election virtually everybody voted for Peter Obi, because he has integrity in abundance, those are the kind of leaders we need to vote in power in Nigeria.

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Going forward,  do you see leadership in Nigeria as youth-oriented or all comers affair? Do you see politics as a profession where someone should start his lifetime expectations?

Leadership is all encompassing. At every stage in life there must be a leader, even play group, one child will emerge to lead others. Even in animal kingdom they all have leaders. Then, the old and the young should compliment each other, because the old is loaded with a lot of experience and skills. They should mentor the young to take over from them. I don’t expect any clash or rivalry; whether we should leave leadership for the old or the yound. There must be a mixture of old and the young. I always advice that more youths should be involved, because  tomorrow belongs to them. Sixty percent of the the youths should be involved.

Sir what’s you message to you r people?


Yes, I have to plead to Ndi-Aguata 1 constituency (Achina, Akpo, Amesi, Nkpologwu, Uga and Umuchu towns) to trust me and vote for me to be their voice at the Anambra State House of Assembly at Awka. Am not going to betray the confidence they reposed in me, am going to be accountable to them. I don’t have any godfather that is sponsoring me. My constituents are my godfathers, therefore, for the future of our youths and our children yet unborn, they should elect me to represent them.  They should vote PDP. My word is my bond.




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