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TCN reconnects Aba Power to national grid, ending 10 days blackout in Enyimba City

 Aba Power Limited, an electricity distribution company, has said that the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has reconnected its facility to the national transmission grid, ending 10 days of blackout in Aba, the commercial nerve centre of Abia state.

The company in a statement made available to SummitNews expressed gratitude to the people and government of Abia state, and Nigerians from all walks of life who stood by it as the blackout lasted.

 It, however, said that “this is the first and only time in Nigeria’s history that an entire area serviced by an electricity distribution company has been cut off from the grid.”

According to the statement, the company incurred tremendous revenue and equipment losses owing to the disconnection of its facility by TCN from the national grid, adding that the disconnection lingered despite paying N120 million last Friday to the Market Operator.

The statement reads:   “We would like to inform the wonderful people and government of Abia State and, indeed, all Nigerians that Aba Power was reconnected to the national transmission grid at 00.00 hours today (Monday) after 10 days of disconnection over payment to Federal Government agencies in the power sector.

 “On April 19, 2023, the Market Operator, a unit of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) wrote us a notice giving us 30 working days to clear the debt with it, and served us the letter the next day.  The same day, the Market Operator wrote to the TCN asking it to cut us off immediately from the national grid. The Market Operator complied. 

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“Despite the unfavourable operating environment in the country which has gravely impacted our customers’ ability to pay their bills, Aba Power, paid N120m to the Market Operator last Friday, so as to reconnect it to the grid immediately.

“Aba Power took effective control of the Aba Ringfence servicing nine local government areas in Abia State only last September, yet it has paid the N440m to Federal Government agencies in the power sector in the last six months.

“This is the first and only time in Nigeria’s history that an entire area serviced by an electricity distribution company has been cut off from the grid with all the far-reaching socioeconomic and security implications for the whole nation. In the case of other DisCos, not more than feeders would be put out for two or three days, despite owing billions of naira.

 “While the blackout in the Aba Ringfence lasted for more than one week which caused us a tremendous revenue and equipment losses, Nigerians from all parts of the country demonstrated not just an uncanny understanding and patience but also amazing solidarity with us.

“They included top government officials, trade groups, business leaders, community leaders, security officers and others too many to mention here, seeking how they could be of help. We cannot thank them enough for their stupendous confidence in us and unflinching commitment to the common good. But we can pledge to continue to work harder to provide reliable, quality and affordable power to all nine local government areas in Abia State we serve.

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“To serve the people and organisations in the Aba Ringfence Area better, we need the support of all the stakeholders. We need individuals and communities to guard power infrastructure in their localities and report any suspicious act of vandalism to us or to any security agency. We constantly lose expensive machines, equipment and materials to thieves.

“We also need electricity consumers to pay their bills as and when due. When we generate revenue from customers who pay for power consumed, we will be able to discharge our obligations to not just electricity providers like the Niger Delta Power Holding Company Ltd, but also government agencies like the Transmission Company of Nigeria. As a result, we will be able to avoid experiences like cutting off people and businesses in the Aba Ring fence from the national grid.

“A situation where only 40 per cent of businesses and individuals in the Aba Ringfence pay what they should is unacceptable. Many electricity consumers bluntly refuse to pay for power consumed; some engage in meter bypassing; some others in other grave malpractices which can only make constant, quality and affordable power supply very difficult.

“Once again, Aba Power thanks the people and government of Abia State and all Nigerians for their solidarity during the trying period. We are now more than ever determined to provide regular, quality and affordable electricity to all our customers. All we need is your cooperation.

“Aba Power, nke a bu nke anyi.”



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