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Igbo communities in Rivers, Bayelsa States pledge support to River State Governor

The United Igbo Communities (UIC) in Rivers and Bayelsa States, have pledged their support to the Rivers State Governor Ama-Opu Senibo, Sir Siminialayi Joseph Fubara, DSSRS, describing him as one abreast with the challenges of administration and governance.

UIC in a congratulatory letter to Gov. Fubara and his deputy, Professor Ngozi Ordu, DSSRS, on their successful election and swearing-in, signed by its President-General, Evangelist Comrade Julius Uzoma, reminded the governor that Ndigbo resident in Rivers State stood behind him during his electioneering campaign, and also voted massively for him during the governorship election in the state.

Regent Eze Ndigbo Rivers and Bayelsa States Sir Sam Nwaokolo, and Fubara at a civic reception during the campaign of the 2023 governorship election

The letter made available to SummitNews read’  “… the Executive and the entire members of United Igbo Communities (UIC) Rivers and Bayelsa States, His Royal Majesty Eze Sir Sam Nwokolo, Regent Eze Ndị-Ịgbo Rivers and Bayelsa States and his cabinet, heartily congratulate Ama-Opu Senibo, Sir. Siminialayi Joseph Fubara, DSSRS and Professor Ngozi Ordu DSSRS, for their successful election and swearing-in as governor and the deputy governor of Rivers State.

Evangelist Comrade Julius Ozo, President-General, United Igbo Communities, Rivers and Bayelsa States

“Ndị-Ịgbo in Rivers State vowed to stand solidly behind you during your electioneering campaign and it came to pass. Ndị-Ịgbo as the most populous non-indigene community in Rivers state will join hands to make sure your administration is successful through payment of our taxes and levies for the growth of state IGR and abide with the principles of your administration.

“Ama-Opu Senibo, Ndị-Ịgbo in Rivers State are indeed encouraged by your competence as a technocrat who is abreast with the challenges of administration and governance, and above all given your exposure, comportment and humility, we have the assurance and confidence that you will not only consolidate on the New Rivers Vision, but will also improve on it to take Rivers State to the highest echelon in the comity of states in Nigeria. 

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“Your Excellency, once again, count on Ndị-Ịgbo in Rivers state for a total support for your administration.”



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