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The Life and Times of Lady Jane Nnamani.

All is now set for the burial of Late Lady Jane Udewo Nnamani, wife of Chief Ken Nnamani (GCON) a former President of the Nigerian Senate.

Lady Jane Nnamani was born 58 years ago, in  Port Harcourt, Rivers State into the Umu-Okonwegwu family in Umunnugwu, Amechi Uwani, Awkunanaw, Enugu South LGA of Enugu State, Nigeria. Her parents, Late Yaro Onah and the Late Mrs. Margret Onah instilled in her the values of humility, kindness, unity, and religion, which were deeply ingrained in her upbringing.

Lady Jane attended Agbani Road Primary School for her primary education and completed her secondary education at the highly revered Anglican Girls Grammar School Awkunanaw, Enugu.

Lady Jane Nnamani pursued a degree in Sociology from the esteemed University of Lagos (UniLag), followed by a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) Business School, Lagos.

Although Lady Jane had immense potential in her career, she decided to set aside her ambitions and wholeheartedly devoted herself to the training and development of her children and family.

As a mother, she exemplified diligence, patience, industry, and perseverance, thus,  surpassing most of the qualities found in her contemporaries.

For instance, while other women in her privileged position in life sought the limelight and the allure of public life, Lady Jane Nnamani concentrated on raising her children to be well-rounded individuals, instilling in them the strong and cherished values of dignity, hard work, and, fear of God.

She taught them to prioritize God and understand that personal choices, rather than circumstances of birth, determine success. Her efforts bore fruits and all her children graduated from renowned universities in the United States of America and have become responsible citizens and contributors to society.

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In her professional endeavors, Lady Jane Nnamani established and efficiently ran numerous prosperous businesses here in Nigeria and in the US. Her ventures spanned various industries, including Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, real estate, property management, and event planning.

In 2016, she was appointed to the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, (ESUT) as a Member of its Governing Council. With a strong conviction in the transformative power of education, Lady Jane wholeheartedly inspired and, supported a significant proportion of disadvantaged students to strive for higher education. Her unwavering belief echoed the words of Malcolm X, the renowned American civil rights activist, who stressed that “education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Lady Jane Nnamani was very passionate about education and was always in pursuit of excellence. She dedicated herself to empowering others through education and served as a guiding light, motivating countless individuals to pursue knowledge and open doors to a brighter tomorrow.

Lady Jane had a heart full of kindness and a soul filled with compassion. She was a true friend to many, always ready with a listening ear, a comforting word, or a shoulder to lean on. Her presence brought solace to those going through difficult times, and her infectious smile and laughter brought joy to every gathering. She had an incredible ability to make those that come in contact with her feel valued, accepted, and well-loved thus, fostering deep connections that lasted a lifetime.

Within her Amechi-Uwani Community, Lady Jane Nnamani earned deserved recognition for her philanthropy. On special occasions such as Mother’s Day and Christmas, she generously distributed clothing and food items to widows and women who were less fortunate. She also took on the responsibility of renovating the library at Union Secondary School, Awkunanaw which was her husband’s alma mater. Not only did she replace the dilapidated roof, but she also filled it with a container load of current books covering a wide range of subjects. Lady Jane Nnamani occasionally provided meals for the students at her alma mater, Anglican Girls Grammar School Awkunanaw. As a proud Old Girl of the school, she contributed immensely to the supervision and construction of a modern Dining Hall in the school, which was sponsored by the members of the Anglican Girls Grammar School Awkunanaw Alumni Association.

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She served God with devotion and commitment. She successfully spearheaded the effort that birthed the extensive renovation of St. John’s Methodist Church in Amechi-Uwani, Enugu.  Lady Jane Nnamani invested significant effort and resources to furnish the church and provide it with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. In addition,  she constructed six new bathrooms as none previously existed.      Her unwavering commitment and sacrifices had a profound and lasting positive impact on the lives of numerous individuals.

Lady Jane was an active member of Good Hope United Methodist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. She was also a prominent member of the Women’s Fellowship in St. John’s Methodist Church Amechi-Uwani and a Lady of John Wesley Methodist Church.

Lady Jane Nnamani was exemplary and a truly remarkable woman. Her legacy would live on through her lineage and the countless people she positively touched through her kindness and generosity.

Lady Jane is survived by her husband, Sen Ken Nnamani, GCON, along with her sons, Nnabuihe Nnamani, Ogonna Nnamani, and Chidera Nnamani, and her daughter, Amaka Nnamani.


Rest in eternal peace, Lady Jane Nnamani. Our prayer is that God grants us the fortitude to continue to bear such a great and irreparable loss.

Dr. Ngene, a Lecturer at Renaissance University, Enugu



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