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ISSUES: Chikamnayo: A political lunatic on rampage again – calls tribunal judges bribe takers – By Eagle Okoro

Nothing other than exacerbated lunacy can best describe the last Commissioner for Information under former Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu’s ill-fated eight-year misgovernance of Abia State, Eze Chikamnayo’s unholy outburst in a trending online writeup.

Ever since the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was humiliated in the March 18 Governorship Election and shoved out of power on May 19, Chikamnayo, who had survived on charity and unmerited patronage by successive PDP administrations that spanned 24 years, has continued to behave and speak in a  

manner suggestive of obvious mental derangement.

Sometime in 2017, he regaled his blind admirers with a phantom degree in Law, which he evidently purchased at the Abia State University, Uturu, an Ivory Tower that he and his ilk have long debased into an institution for cash-an-carry academic degrees, certificates and awards.

Since then, this kleptomaniac, who became notorious after he duped the state of hundreds of millions of naira through the Ugwu Abia 2000 festival during the administration of Orji Uzor Kalu, has been parading himself as a lawyer. 

Some of his close allies say his hard drug-induced oscillating mannerism has taken a turn for the worse, having suddenly degenerated into lunacy since they were shamefully sacked from office on May 29. 

It is also reliably learnt from his friends that he has not only become miserable with hunger-stricken looks but mentally retarded, considering his physical appearance and incoherent pattern of speech, since he lost access to free state funds.

It is for this fact that no reasonable person would ascribe any premium to his balderdash.

Again, his piece, worthless as it is, further raises fundamental questions about the Law Certificate he claimed to have acquired, if he could get so irrational and condescending to lampoon the distinguished and erudite “three wisemen” that sat over the wishy-washy, unintelligible, pointless petitions from PDP and the All Progressives Congress, callously and contemptuously describing them as heavily compromised, bribe takers.


I have never seen or heard a baby-lawyer insult, castigate and denigrate judges, moreso, openly in the media.

It is worse that it is coming from a half-baked lawyer, if at all he is one, who cannot correctly spell the word JUDGMENT. And whose paragraphs are replete with poor grammar and misspellings. 

I pity the legal profession with a shenanigan as Chikamnayo, who would as is the tradition be referred to as “learned”. 

A well-trained, academically sound lawyer can never mix his tenses to the extent of combining plural nouns, such as “people”, with a singular verb “has” … “people has”.

Indeed, this is elementary school grammar, which lawyer Chikamnayo does not know at his age and self-acclaimed academic attainment. Read this: “His petty reactions to what some people has since described as “prepared” and “prepaid” is pathetic.”  


Hear this mad man’s unwarranted invectives on the resplendent three-some jurists, who evidently qualified for the noble profession in both character and learning with unquestionable proof and experience for many years standing: 

“On Friday,  the 6th day of October,  2023, the reconstituted Governorship Tribunal that ossicilated between Government House –  Hotel Damgrette and the Court delivered it’s very predictable  and widely considered  “Perverse ” Verdict in favour of their host, Mr Alex Otti. 

“Abians ignored them as they didn’t  disappoint those who were convinced abinitio that their stay in Umuahia was a mere rehearsal.” 

The uncouthed, undisciplined and  wayward political harlot came harder on the judges, when he said derogatorily that “Judgements are not supposed to be transactional.”

Again, this Machiavellian Isuochi-born evil genius released a more damning and sarcastic shot on their Lordships, saying:

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“Unexplainable, politically motivated judgements (sic) dent the Judiciary and whenever the dispensation of Justice is colored by pecuniary interests, it certainly spells doom not just for our hallowed Judiciary but for the entire society”.  

To many Abia residents, who are familiar with his unwashed idiosyncrasies, pouring such invectives on the judges and taking them to the cleaners by Eze Chikamnayo is not strange. 

This is because of his antecedents as an outlaw who, many say, has ruined his sanity and entire life with an overdose of hard drugs, including Methamphetamine or Crystal Meth, a very dangerous illicit drug, otherwise called “Mkpulu Mmiri” in our local parlance. 

By his outright allusion that the tribunal’s judgment was “prepared” and “prepaid”, lawyer Chikamnayo brazenly and simply asserted that the verdict was prepared and paid for ahead of its delivery on Friday. 

Nothing can be more uncharitable, unethical and unbefitting from a man that carries himself about as a lawyer but holds no atom of respect for the bench. Lawyer, my foot!

It is also painful that these demeaning comments came from a Liliputian, both in stature and in the legal profession, who has made no appearances in Court as a counsel, since he allegedly graduated from the Law School.

Ironically, his unguarded comments was coming in contrast with the encomium and adulation lavished on the tribunal members, namely Justice H.T.D Gwadah (Chairman) and her two colleagues, Justice Omolara Adeyemi and Justice Boniface Mgyon, for their brilliant, impressive and untiring performance throughout the period the trial lasted. 

Suffice it to state here that first to speak after Chief Umeh Kalu (SAN), Counsel for the Labour Party, was APC Counsel, Mr Fabian Nwankwo, followed by that of PDP, C.O Nwaogu.


It is ridiculing and shameless that Eze Chikamnayo or any PDP chieftain for that matter would still have the effrontry to bring the audacious show of desperation in Obingwa by PDP to continue to cling onto power even when it was  

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glaring that both God and man had eloquently rejected and abandoned the party and anything they offered, including their candidates and money for vote buying.

Let us briefly shame Chikamnayo by revisiting the fraud that was perpetrated in Obingwa but thwarted by God, through the instrumentality of the Local Government Electoral Officer, Mr Nkemjika Kelechi Okere, the State Returning Officer and Vice Chancellor, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Prof. Nnenna Oti, and the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System machine.

As was traditional in Obingwa, the Abia hotbed of electoral fraud and PDP’s “stronghold”, the shameless, professional riggers had fraudulently allotted figures to themselves, beginning with 80,000 votes and later 108,000 votes – all these figures were manufactured from a paltry 27,664 accredited voters in the entire Local Government Area. 

It was these outrageous, non-existent figures that Chikamnayo wanted smuggled into the final INEC result, expecting the State Returning Officer to acquisce in the fraud by collecting the mouthwatering financial and material inducement they offered her and turning her face the other away.

Unfortunately, no matter how long he choses to belly-ache and lament, no matter his unending name calling and abuses at his elders and superiors, Acts 19: 22, quoting Pontius Pilate, says, “What is written, is written.”   

Therefore, the emergence of Dr Alex Chioma Otti of the Labour Party remains a done deal, signed, sealed and delivered from Heaven, which no man born of a woman, political party or tribunal can upturn because, as the saying goes, vox populi, vox dei! 

Eagle Okoro, a public affairs analyst, writes from Umuahia.



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