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Insecurity: NAF trains 11 aeromedical evacuation technicians in response to national emergency – From Abdullahi Alhassan/Kaduna

THE Nigerian Air Force School of Medical Sciences and Aviation Medicine, (NAFSMSAM) has trained no fewer than 11 of its personnel as aeromedical evacuation technicians in response to national emergency.

The Air Officer Commanding (AOC), Air Training Command (ATC) Air Vice Marshall Nnandi Ananaba in his graduation speech described the event as a milestone in the march towards attaining the great potentials of the institution.

“in line with one of the key enablers of Chief of the Air Staff Air Marshall Hassan Abubakar Command Philosophy which is “Deliberate training and mission-oriented force development”.

The AOC was represented by Chief of Medical Services NAF Headquarters, Air Cmdr Ikechukuw Ogbodo

The 11 graduating students underwent six weeks, training.”I am aware that the German Technical Advisory Group (GTAG) led by Li–Colonel Frank Abel and his team played a crucial role towards the integration of Air Mobile First Aid Unit with NAFSMSAM.

He said Nigerian Air Force(NAF) would continue to appreciate GTAG for their invaluable contributions towards building the capacity of NAF personnel in emergency medicine.

He emphasized that, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) courses are crucial for members of the Armed Forces as they provide specialized training in life-saving techniques tailored to the unique challenges of combat situations.

“You are therefore expected to use the new skill acquired during NAF operations and in response to national emergencies.

According to him NAF’s active involvement in operations comes with its inherent health challenges that affect both the personnel and their families and by extension NAF operational efficiency.

” Hence requires skilful, dedicated and sound attitudinal medical professionals to care for them, “he said.

“I am also aware that, the Commandant of NAFSMSAM and his team of instructors are working tirelessly to come up with a proposal that would expand the scope of this training to personnel from civil institutions, paramilitary organizations and National Emergency Management Agency.

Ananaba said this is a welcome development and I urge the Commandant and his able team to continue improving on their modest achievements and not to relent on their effort in trying to justify the huge investment made by the Chief of the Air Staff to this institution.

He charged them to show professionalism while discharging their assigned tasks in order to contribute their quota to the health care development of the service and the Nation at large in line with the NAF’s core values of “Integrity first, Service before self and excellence in all we do”.

He told them that Nigerian Air Force expects them to be at their best for effective and efficient performance of their duties.”Let me also remind you that discipline is the bedrock of any fighting force upon which cohesion and team spirit is built.

” You must uphold the high standard of discipline that our service is known for.”Let me also caution that, you must remain apolitical at all times in line with the military code of conduct,” Ananaba said.

Earlier the Commandant of the School Air Commodore Rilwanu Abdullahi said the batch B Aeromedical Evacuation Technician Course begins Feb 5.Abdullahi said the Air Mobile First Aid Unit (AMFAU) was established on Nov 16 2021, with the aid of GTAG.

“The Unit was recently placed as a department under the Nigerian Air Force School of Medical Sciences and Aviation Medicine to provide level 2 emergency medical care in support of NAF operations, as well as respond to national emergencies.

According to him the Unit has effectively trained medical personnel in both emergency medical response and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).

He said the objectives of this course is to equip military personnel with the skills to administer immediate medical care under fire, TCCC courses increase the likelihood of survival for injured comrades on the battlefield.

“This training enhances the overall readiness and effectiveness of military units by ensuring that individuals are prepared to respond swiftly and effectively to casualties in high-stress environments, ultimately saving lives and fostering a culture of care and support within the armed forces.

” Currently, NAFSMSAM is articulating a proposal to extend these training capabilities to civil organizations and other paramilitary bodies, ” he said.

Therefore, our collective commitment to excellence is paramount if the Service is to effectively discharge its constitutional role. Abdullahi appreciate the Chief of the Air Staff, for his vision in enhancing the capacity of this School by providing the enabling environment for the modest successes recorded so far.

“The Chief of the Air Staff has shown enormous interest on this School and has taken giant strides to ensure its success.”On our part, the school will continue to strive till we achieve our mandate as one of the leading health institutions in the nation.



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