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I remain ADF Leader, Prof. Nwala explodes. From Maurice Okafor,Enugu.

ECCE HOMO! Emeritus Professor T. Uzodinma Nwala – President of The Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF)

The President of Alaigbo Development Foundation(ADF).Prof. T.U.Nwala has clarified that he is still the president and leader of Alaigbo Development Foundation(ADF), a socio cultural pressure group with interest in forstering peace, unity and development of the Igbo nation.

He revealed that a transition committee to elect a new leadership by the month of June that will succeed him is already working in that direction.

Prof. Nwala made the clarification while reacting to published reports in some social media platforms that a new leadership of ADF has been elected.

Speaking to news men at ADF office in Enugu yesterday,Prof. Nwala said there was an illegal conduct by an overzealous group,who want to beat the gun.pervade the processes put up by the ADF transition committee and went out to declare themselves as new leaders of ADF.

He stated,”As you can see, I am still in charge. How can a group of people take over the leadership of an organisation without occupying it’s office?

“The fact remains that after 10 years of meritorious service to Igbo nation, I have decided to step aside and wish only to play advisory role. The ADF transition committee is working assiduosly to elect credible sons of Igbo land who will take over from me”.

Suprisingly,some people who felt they will not meet the criteria for the election, went out to claim they have been elected.

Prof. Nwala stated further,” The electioneering process is on course and hopefully will be conducted and concluded peacefully by next month,June.We have no crisis”.

He described the group as impostors and cautioned members of the public to avoid dealing with them on issues relating to ADF.

He disclosed that there was an attempt by the dissident group to come into ADF secretariat in Enugu but they were flushed out with assistance from the Nigerian Police Force.
The intruders are on bail and will soon be charged to court.

Prof.Nwala went memory lane to elaborate the achievements of ADF in the past ten years to include the suspension of the anti-grazing bill, fought against the Quit Notice given to Igbos living in the North, fought against the python dance horror by the military in the South East zone, 2014 International colloquim which brought home over 2,500 Igbos from different parts of the globe to brainstorm in Enugu on future of the Igbo Nation, publication of the GREEN BOOK through which ADF has projected the future of the Igbo Nation as either an autonomous region within the Nigerian context in full control of her military, security forces, international relations, educational system, etc , and relating peacefully with other regions in Nigeria. etc.

His words.”For the past ten years,ADF has been in the forefront of championing Igbo cause. ADF was at the forefront of the anti-grazing bill before the National Assembly which was eventually thrown off.

“ADF fought against the Quit Notice given to Igbos living in the North by the Northern Youths and some of their elders.

“ADF took the matter to United Nations through a petition and copied to American Congress and other major congresses in the world.

“ADF took the Federal government and the Nigerian military to court over the python dance horror experience.

“ADF inaugurated the campaign asking Igbos to bring their wealth home. ADF was responsible for inaugurating the movement in the East.

ADF also organised the first major international colloquim in 2014 which brought over 2.500 Igbos from different parts of the world to discuss to discuss the predicament and future of Ndgbo in Nigeria.

“The result of that colloquim is contained in the two volume book titled ‘IGBO NATION ; History and challenges of Rebirth and Development.

“ADF has also done very deep research into the Nigerian January 1966 coup and the Biafra incursion into the Mid-West which is published in a book titled, “THE NIGERIA JANUARY 1966 COUP AND BIAFRA-MYTHS AND REALITIES”. The result showed thst coup was organized by young military officers who sought to release Chief Obafemi Awolowo from prison and make him the z prime z minister of Nigeria. Professor Nwala elaborated all these and many more as part of achievements of ADF under his watch in the past ten years.

He disclosed that the lacuna in the activities of the organisation will be broken in the month of July with a seminar on contemporary issues bordering our nation and Ndigbo in particular.




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