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Gov. Mbah: Reviewing One Year of Effective Governance- By Hon. Anayo Edeh


On May 29th, it will be exactly one year since Dr. Peter Mbah was sworn in as Enugu State Governor.

I make haste to say that Mbah’s one year in office has witnessed the conception and commencement of major projects in all sectors that are capable of transforming the economy of Enugu State and giving the people a new lease of life.

A critical look at some of the sectors would buttress the fact that Mbah’s reign will change the course of the history of the State.

For the first time in our history, Enugu is witnessing the construction of 260 world-class Smart Schools and another 260 Health Centres in all the political wards in the State. The Smart Schools and Health Centres will be equipped with state-of-the art facilities seen in the developed climes of the world.

To further boost healthcare in the state, Governor Mbah is constructing new wards at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology Teaching Hospital, Parklane, Enugu. This will ensure that more people have robust access to healthcare in the hospital.

To re-position education in the state, Governor Mbah is recruiting qualified teachers who can groom our children and prepare them for the challenges of the future.

Governor Mbah has also embarked on aggressive construction of roads and bridges to effectively link up all parts of the state and aid commercial activities.

It is irrefutable that poor road infrastructure in the state was hindering both human and vehicular movements and making the evacuation of agricultural produce from the rural areas to urban centres very difficult. Farmers have seen their yields waste as a result of their inability to move them to urban centres where they are needed more. The new roads being constructed by the Mbah Administration will open up Enugu for the world and also help in attracting Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs). It is reassuring that most of the roads are also being constructed simultaneously with fly-overs for ease of traffic.

Another re-assuring project of the Enugu Government, is the provision of water in every home in Enugu, the re-modeling of the Enugu International Conference Centre and the construction of a five-star hotel which will make Enugu a destination for international conferences. The International Conference Centre, the Central Terminal Stations, the five-star hotel and the revamping of the hitherto comatose Presidential Hotel will, obviously, help in boosting the internally generated revenue (IGR) of Enugu State and create jobs for our youth.

The N100 billion Palm Deal will also be a major move that will help in re-positioning Enugu economy.

It is gratifying that Enugu pensioners and workers no longer gnash their teeth before they receive their emoluments and gratuities.

Governor Mbah has also demonstrated the will and determination to tackle the security challenges confronting Enugu State. Efforts are ongoing to confront the trouble makers who are causing mayhem in the state with the assistance of security agencies. The strategies of the Governor will make Enugu, a hot zone for all classes of criminals.

The intention of the State Government to move the state economy from $4 billion to a $30 billion is one based on an uncommon feat that can only be achieved by a Transformational Leader of Mbah’s Class.

Morning, certainly shows the day. As we march forward, there is no doubt that Enugu will witness total transformation under Governor Mbah. Enugu is bound to stand out among the States in Nigeria.

Despite the fact that Enugu is not an oil-producing state, Governor Mbah is using the meagre resources of the state to positively change the lives of the people and place Enugu on the path of irreversible and sustainable development.

Anayo Edeh is the Convener of Nkanu-east Consultative Forum.



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