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Rivers Politics:We will work with Nyesom Wike, Chief Tony Okocha All APC Structures…. Senator Magus Abe. – From Chukwudi Ejimofor P H.


Wednesday, 15th May, 2024 at the Freedom House, Evo Road GRA phase 3, Port Harcourt, Rivers state was agog when Senator Magnus Abe’s friends, supporters and political associates organized stakeholders meeting to formalize their principal’s returning to the All Progressive Congress (APC) and to sensitize his adent supporter on his position towards the political developments in Rivers state.

Addressing his audience, Senator Magnus Ngie Abe went memory down lane of his political antecedent and the reason for his return to All Progressive Congress (APC).

Today we are gathered to take a fundamental decision of our future. Today we are going back to APC. We have taken a decision that we will go back to APC. We will work with the minister of FCT Nyesom Wike, We will work with the state caretaker committee chairman Chief Tony Okocha, we will work with all structures of APC. it’s in the news that this where we headed.

All what happened in the APC Chief Tony Okocha was an integral part, and today I want to make peace with him they say I should continue to fight; they should go and fight am not fighting, I want peace in the party. Anybody who knows the story in the APC, knows that there is no need we should continue to fight. It is time to put the party together. People are upset that I said I want to reconcile with the FCT Minster.

My reason is that both of us tied ourselves with Tunumbu. The FCT Minster the then governor of Rivers State is my friend, I did everything possible to do facilitate him to be part Tinubu campaign team. It is not true that Wike came and push me aside. We had a disagreement which I will not give details, because it’s unpolitical.

He appealed to those who are nursing any form of wrong notion against APC in the state or Present Asiwaju Tinubu to have a change of heart rally round the party, as APC in Rivers state is unified.

“I want to use this opportunity to appeal to you who has any misgiving in the party or to us here as Tinubu people to let go. We cannot do the politics alone, we must do it with people.

The important thing is for those of us who did not like how the party was ran. There is a new direction, a new opportunity, a new leadership that makes things differently, and we can be part of that opportunity. If we say we are working with Tinubu, and Tinubu is working with Wike that is just the truth, and if we don’t do that we are deceiving ourselves. We have an opportunity where we can get back to the party, where we can unalloyed and unmitigated support to the president and work with othe stakeholders to rebuild the APC in Rivers state which people has promised to destroyed”.

Senator Abe maintened his respect with Governor Siminilaye Fubara and his position as member of APC.

“I have the greatest respect for the governor of the state. And we are not members of their party and we are not there for part of the problem, we are members of the APC, but for the 27 members of house of Assembly are members of the APC, they are our own, we must defend them. I have called for peace, negotiated for peace to reign and I will continue to do that. Am not going to be uncharitable towards the Governor because am working with the FCT Minster. But I will defend out party and whatsoever position our party took, I will defend that decision.

He admonished his supporters to understand intrigues and dynamics in politics; and what is playing out in politics of the Nigeria and the state in particular.

“There is no point following people that you know where they are going. We have heard from the minister he is working with TINUBU, just as we are committed. I can not leave Asiwaju and follow any other politician in this country when Asiwaju is the president of Nigeria. We started following him when people believed he will not be president, let’s start following him, will not go back”. He stated

Senator Magnus Ngie Abe expressed thanks and gratitude to his supporters for standing by him.

“I thank you people; there is no where you go to Nigeria today you say senator Abe that people will not know that is a force in Rivers politics and you are that reason. Because you are the one that took unknown political party in less than four months you converted it into a household name in the state. My gratitude and respect to you all know no bound”.

Earlier, while introducing Senator Abe at the political rally, Senator Wilson Ake said that the meeting was totally at the instance of Distinguish Senator Magnus Abe.

“We have in the past few months in Rivers state witnessed so many development, some of them we never expected, some of the were expected. After the election I know to have some people were demoralized. I believe as a politician there is always a window. If you are playing politics try not to close your window. Today in spite of what has happened there is ray of light. And that spray of light we are going to follow it. Today we are to listen to the leader, as the say the man who know road”. Senator

The event witnessed goodwill messages from prominent politicians, traditional rulers, captains of Industries within and outside Rivers.



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