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Gov.Mbah soars high on the saddle,365 days after. – From – MAURICE OKAFOR,ENUGU.


The Enugu state governor,Dr Peter Mbah has proved to a reasoble point beyond imagination that his mission in governance is to develop and transform the entire landscape of Enugu state in all sectors of the economy.

The efforts he has put on ground in the past 365 days testifies to the fact that the state will attain laudable heights socio economically n the next few days,transforming from a civil servants state to a commercially viable and investnents dominated state.

In the past 365 days,Governor Mbah has broken the yoke of abandoned projects in the state. His administration is striving hard to revitalise or complete important but abandoned projects by his predeccessors in addition to initiating new ones.

Seventeen years after, the International conference center statred by the administration of Senator Chimaroke Nnamani (1999-2007) but abandoned by the subsequent administrations of ex govenots Chime and Ugwuanyi amidst the fact that government is a continuum, is being constructed by the present administration led by Governor Peter Mbah. A week ago,Governor Mbah has also awarded contract for the construction of a five star hotel within the site of the conference center.

The international conference center on completion will be a money spinng center of activities for the state government.i

The abandoned hotel presidential which is a legacy institution from defunct Eastern region administration under late M.I.Okpara is also getting the attention of Governor Peter Mbah.
Prior to it’s abandonment and balkanisation on the pretext of privatisation during ex governor Chime administrstion, the hotel presidential Enugu was the major spot and home of both known and budding artistes mostly from the Eastern part of the country,in addition to being the major recreation center at the heart of Enugu metropolis.

Governor Mbah with ‘disrupfive innovation policy’ to governance has weathered the storm against all bereautic bottle necks in his mission to revamp the hotel presidential Enugu.

The hotel from all indications will enhance relocation of movie stars and budfing aryistes into the coal city, It is also expected to live to the standard of Hotel Presidential ,Port Harcourt established almost the same petiod by late M.I.Okpara but has remained a morning spinning venture for Rivers state in.past six decades or more.

In the past 365 days,Governor Mbah has toured all the morinonf state owned companies including Ohebedum aluminium factory, Niger gas and Niger steel Emene,expressing the determination of his administration to revitalise all.

The burden and task of restoring Enugu metropolis to it’s lost glory as capital of Eastern region both in social infrastructure and hospitality is being tackled in all directions by Governor Mbahs administration.

For instance, the issue of restoring pipe borne water into the metropolis which most of which got dried up in the past three decades is yielding results. The ministry of water resources is currently neck deep in replacing old asbestos pipes most of which are worn and laid below seven feet in the ground with galvanised iron pipes.So as to curtail pipe bursts in the distribution of water already sourced from Ajalli and Oji River stations in the metropolis.

The bad roads and drainages in several parts of the.metropolis and sub urbans of Abakpa Nike,Awkunanaw,Emene, Gariki, among others are simultaneously recontructed in the past 365 days while many are still under construction.

To let Enugu take the face of a befitting regional capital with standard motor parks that will also ease decongestion and traffic gridlocks,Governor Mbah administration has embarked on constructing Central Terminals beside Ogbete Main market and Abakpa Market,. The ejection of the traders and companies who were duly served enough quit notices is being done with a human face,as the state government said it is paying compensation to the affected shop owners and other enterprises,in addition to have provided them with alternatives.

In the past 365 days, Governor Mbah’s vision to construct a smart school and TYPE 2 hospital in each of the 260 wsrds in the state is turning into reality, as execution of the projects by different contractors are simultaneously on going in most of the wards,while cotracts for the remaining wards will soon be awarded.

From all infications, the past 365 days of socio economic oriented projects of Governor Mbah is turning a new leaf of the state.

In expectation, More of his ecnomic blue print like Industrial Park at Ugwuoba,Oji River,envisaged to be one of the best in Africa ,that will expand the economic scope of the state with international investments will follow suit in the next 365 days.
So far, Governor Mbah has proved to the people of Enugu state that he has the capacity,experience and exposure to turn around the economic fortunes of Enugu state. His target is raising the gross domestic pfoduct(GDP) of the state from four billion dolars to thirty billon dollars before the end of his constitutionally guaranteed two tenures as governor of Enugu state.




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