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Isi-Uzo: Prototype of Enugu’s Changing Devt Narratives Under Gov Mbah


Immediate past Council Chairman, Isi-Uzo, Barr. Obeagu, takes a deep dive into Mbah’s impacts on the LGA in 365 days, saying Mbah has justified his mandate*

Excerpt: “Therefore, the 2023 general election came at a time the people of Isi-Uzo, like the psalmist wrote in Psalm 121, lifted up their eyes to the hills and wondered where their help would come from. Though Isi-Uzo people were united in that prayer, they were divided in where the answer to the prayer would come from. But Governor Peter Mbah’s manifesto was laden with humongous and clear vision…
Thus, it was not surprising that our people, in their thousands and against all odds, chose capacity over kinship. But the good news is that he has given those who stuck out their necks for his victory causes to thump their chests about their choice”




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