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Prophet Sampson Amoateng storms Pakistan for Crusade Peter Ekpe,Uyo


A prominent Ghanaian religious leader Prophet Sampson Amoateng who is a Founder of House of Miracles Ministries in Accra, stormed Pakistan and thousands of worshippers gathered in a crusade.

This Crusade in Pakistan had a significant impact on the country’s religious and social landscape.

Pakistan is home to about 2.63 million Christians, who makes up approximately 1.27% of the total population, making Christianity the third largest religion in the country.

The Christian community in Pakistan usually faced persecution and discrimination with blasphemy laws and forced conversions of their faith to Islam being the major religious body in Pakistan.

Despite these challenges, thousands of Christians gathered and made significant contributions to Pakistan society, including in the fields of education, healthcare and social engagements.

Professing Jesus in Pakistan can be challenging due to the country’s Islamic majority and blasphemy laws.

However, many Pakistanian Christians courageously share their faith and spread the message of Jesus, love and redemption through communication channels like Tv stations, Radio, Social media and other communication platforms.

The Christianity is professed through Evangelism, missionary work and Church services including Community outreaches. The advent of technology particularly the social media has brought revolution and significant impact in promoting various Christians teachings in the country.

Prophet Sampson Amoateng visited Pakistan with the message of hope and encouragement prayed for the sick and they were healed. God showed himself mighty.



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