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Ikwerre stakeholders declare support for Gov Fubara; Am not ungrateful, says the governor – From- Chukwudi Ejimofor/Port Harcourt

Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara (middle); and President-General, Ogbokor Ikwerre Worldwide Eze Barrister Godspower Onuewa(left); listening to a remark by Senator John Azuta Mbata (right) during the courtesy visit by stakeholders of ikwerre Ethnic Nationality to the Governor at the Banquet Hall of Government House in Port Harcourt on Monday


Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara, has declared that he is not an ungrateful person because he acknowledges and appreciates those who are instrumental to good gestures that had come his way.

The Governor stated that it is due to such well-breed lifestyle and personality that he had never contemplated throwing caution to the wind in handling the current political crisis that is bedeviling the State.

He made the assertion when he hosted on courtesy visit the Stakeholders of Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality, including the leadership of Ogbakor Ikwerre Cultural Organisation Worldwide, the Supreme Council of Ikwerre Traditional Rulers, Ikwerre women, opinion and youth leaders, at Government House Port Harcourt on Monday.

The leadership structure of Ikwerre stakeholders led other paramount rulers, political leaders, leaders of thought, women and youths on the visit to recommit the people of the ethnic nationality to the success of the administration.

Governor Fubara stated that if he were ungrateful, with bad character as canvassed in some quarters, it would have been difficult to hide it for too long from everybody.

He said: “I want to also say this: Fubara is not an ungrateful person. If I were a bad person, you (one) can’t hide character that is bad more than one week, two weeks, one month, one year, two years, eight years, even more than eight years. For 16 years, if I was a bad person, everybody would have known.

Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara (right), and Chairman,State Traditional Rulers Council, Eze Chike Worlu Wodo (left); listening to an address by the President -General,Ogbakor Ikwerre Worldwide, Eze Barrister Godspower Onuekwa (middle); during the courtesy visit by Stakeholders of Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality to the Governor at the Banquet Hall of Government House in Port Harcourt on Monday

“But, even your own child that is in your house that you have given birth to, let us start with even the girl child. It gets to a stage, your girl child will enter the bathroom and lock the door from behind.

“Even if they forcefully put a feeding bottle in my mouth, if I get filled up, won’t I pull it out? So, when people stand outside and say what they say, I want you people to ask them to tell you in their own good conscience, what is that bad thing; that wickedness, that ungratefulness that this man (Fubara) has ever shown or done. But, I leave that one to God who will judge everybody.”

Governor Fubara, however, said the visit was not a time to address those issues surrounding the political crisis but a day to appreciate the delegation and the Almighty God for what He has been doing for the State.

He recalled how people had generated the propaganda of ethnic politics into the crisis but noted that Ikwerre people have come to publicly show support, adding that the solidarity visit explains clearly that they are part of his government and are supporting it to the end.

Governor Fubara said he has the culture of respect for people, no matter their status, and the larger number of Ikwerre people who acknowledge have come to demonstrate their support to his administration.

The Governor assured that his administration will continue to work with well-meaning people, to execute more development projects in the four local government areas where Ikwerre people are domiciled.

Rivers State Governor, Sir Siminalayi Fubara(4th right) Senator John Azuta Mbata (3rd right); President-General,Ogbakor Ikwerre worldwide, Eze Barrister Godspower Onuekwa(5th right) Chairman,state Traditional rulers council,Eze Chike Worlu Wodo (6th right); and others shortly after the Courtesy visit by Stakeholders of Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality to the Governor at the Banquet hall of Government house in Port Harcourt on Monday

He said: “What kind of support again do I need, when their fathers are here with me to say look, we support you. It is the greatest blessing that any son can get. So, let me thank all the royal fathers, and opinion leaders of Ikwerre (Nation) Worldwide for this support.

“I want to assure you that not minding what is happening, I will not throw caution to the wind. I will continue to appreciate that support you people gave and continue to give to me through one of your sons.

“It doesn’t matter whether the person accepts it or not. I will continue to appreciate it. That one alone is what makes me restrain my action when it gets to that point when I need to act.

“The restrain is because I was a well brought up boy. My story is clean: I wasn’t disowned. I was a pure young man. I served people, and I have genuine record of everything. So, I tell you with all boldness and strength that I am well brought up, and for that reason, I have respect for others.”

Governor Fubara insisted that he will continue to show respect and appreciate people for what they are, and have done rightly.

The Governor stated that he will not take the love of the people for granted, stressing: “I assure you that we are going to work together for the progress and development of our State.

“I just want to appeal to all of you, always stand for what is right. It doesn’t matter whether one million people are at the other side. If you are the only one standing at the right side, stand: you won’t get tired. But those people standing on the wrong side, definitely, they will be exhausted.

“Let me also assure you people that are here and the people that you represent: our government will be a government that will give equal opportunity to everybody. It will be a government that will operate a system where no man is oppressed.

“I will not by any means, directly or indirectly, oppress anybody. I want to leave this office and be a peaceful man, walk the streets without security. That is the greatest achievement of a good leader,” he added.

Governor Fubara, who promised, on behalf of the government, to take over and complete the Obiri Ikwerre Secretariat, donated N100million for the operations of the organisation, as well as a car gift to the President General of Ogbakor Ikwerre Worldwide.

In his speech, the President General of Ogbakor Ikwerre Worldwide, Eze Barrister Godspower Onuekwa, said as Ikwerre people, they have had their turn governing the State, and cannot sit by and watch an unknown person destroy the peace that the Governor has ensured in the State.

While commending the Governor for the numerous development projects being executed across the various Local Government Areas, including those of Ikwerre, Eze Onuekwa, pledged the unalloyed support of the good people of Ikwerre ethnic nationality to the administration.

On his part, the Chairman, Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Chike Worlu Wodo, said the stakeholders of Ikwerre ethnic nationality visited to encourage Governor Fubara, who has shown sufficient capacity in governing the State, seen and heard by everybody.

Eze Wodo urged Governor Fubara not to be distracted but remain focused, steer the affairs of the State fearlessly, and be sure of the Ikwerre support.

Also speaking, Senator John Azuta Mbata said Ikwerre people had governed the State for 16 years with support given to them by other ethnic groups in the spirit of inclusive politics, explaining that they cannot, therefore, refuse to support others to peacefully steer the affairs of the State.

He assured that all relevant leaders of Ikwerre ethnic nationality were present to pledge their support to Governor Fubara against his detractors and ensure that the administration succeeds.



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