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Princess of Wales breaks silence after surgery, posts new family pic for Mother’s Day

KATE Middleton has shared her first public message since she had abdominal surgery in January, and spent the following weeks in private recovery.

The Princess of Wales took the occasion of Mother’s Day in the UK to share on social media a new official photograph of her with her three children, Louis, George and Charlotte, the pic taken by Prince William earlier this week.

She added the words:

“Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the last two months. Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. C”

There has been no public word on Kate’s condition since the announcement of her surgery, the news released at the same time as the King’s cancer diagnosis was revealed. King Charles has been seen regularly as he has undergone treatment for his unspecified condition, although he has withdrawn from meetings with the public for now.

Prince William has also significantly reduced his schedule of engagements while he supports his wife through her recovery, although he was seen a fortnight ago at the BAFTA Film Awards in London.

He is patron of the organisation, and apologised for not having seen so many of the movies this year due to his current family trials.

Into the vacuum of silence on Kate’s condition, constant media speculation in the UK prompted William to say this week he doesn’t pay attention to “social media.”

The royal household said from the start they would only speak out when there was news to share.

Kate is expected to resume her royal diary after Easte.





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