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Israeli institute appoints Dr Obieze, BBWI International Trade/Fair facilitator


The Diplomatic Institute of Israel has appointed Dr Chimbo Obieze, the Country Manager of Big Brothers Welfare International (BBWI) under the aegis of International Human Right Observatory (IHRO-Africa) to lead BBWIL International Community of CEOs and Investors to trade/fair facilitation between Israel and Nigeria.

This is contained in a recent Letter of Appointment made available to newsmen in Enugu on Friday by the Institute’s International liaison, Dr Gabriel Hayon.

The letter noted that the institute had appointed Obieze to “exclusively assist in the promotion/facilitation of its Agro Mashov Fair and Diplomacy in action in Nigeria.

It said that Agro Mashov Fair otherwise known as the Iron Sword War “is the most positively challenging event that we experienced in our lives.”

“However, this crisis (the skirmishes in the Middle East) is opening new opportunities for Big Brothers Welfare International community of CEOs and Investors Forum, Nigerian farmers and exporters. The Israeli market is seeking active substitutions for the import from Turkey that has been stopped due to the Conflict.

“I am confident that Nigeria can benefit from this situation, by providing fresh produce and industrialized products. Exposing your fine agriculture and food at Agro-Mashov Fair can grant you a competitive edge.

“In the two days of the Fair at the Jerusalem International Convention Center, you will be able to meet more buyers and prospects than a full year.

“You are invited to visit and exhibitat 33rd AGRO-MASHOV, the most important Agro and Ambassador’s Clean tech Fair in Israel 2024. In this international exhibition, you will be able to promote delegations and build the Nigerian booth, to promote your products, raw-materials, seeds, supplies, technologies and services.

“This rare occasion is an excellent opportunity to meet industry leaders, buyers, sellers, startups and obtain many sales leads,” the letter said.

Reacting, Obieze, who accepted the prestigious appointment, noted that Nigeria and Nigerians must take advantage of the opportunity opened by the Diplomatic Institute of Israel to participate in the fair coming up in September

He said that his Big Brothers Welfare International community of CEOs and Investors Forum would soon collaborate and work with the Federal Ministries of Agriculture, Foreign Affair and Trade and Investment to ensure that “this golden opportunity was utilized maximally”.

Obieze called on state governments and governors of the 36 states to take advantage of the opportunity and reap its abundant benefits for the betterment of their various states and citizenry.

According to him, we are projecting to have at least 100 Nigerian manufacturers, farming groups and big time export players and travel/tourism firms exhibiting at the Nigeria booth in the two days Fair.

Obieze, who doubles as the Special Envoy for Sustainable Peace Education to Anambra State by the United Nations International Peace and Governing Council (UNIPGC), said that the fair and trade linkage would open rare international opportunities for Nigeria and Nigerians.

“Nigerians and Nigeria ventures with exportable farm produce, seeds, raw-materials, manufactured goods, supplies, technologies and services are invited in this rare Fair as a launch-pad to enter the Israeli and the Middle-East markets.

“So, we are looking forward to a robust engagement with the Institute to pull this through for the benefit of our people and open up the economic and commercial space for our local farmers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers as well as export and tourism promoters as well,” he said.

Obieze also gave out some contacts for further inquiry, which included: 08109405415 and



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